Optimise your home
energy with Optigy
Optimise your home
energy with Optigy

Making Sydney homes carbon neutral

A sustainable solution to global warming and climate change requires that households substantially reduce the amount of carbon we emit into the air from our energy use activities. This goal can be achieved by creating carbon zero or carbon positive homes and Optigy can help get you there.

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Home Design

We offer conceptual home design services for new homes as well as alterations and additions to existing homes.

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Energy Rating

Optigy offers NatHERS house energy rating services

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Building Exteriors

We supply and install a range of exterior wall and roof cladding products

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Optigy supplies and installs a range of shading attachments to your Sydney home to provide sun control.

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Heating and Cooling

We offer the supply and installation of a range of collection systems to harness the energy of the sun

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Energy Collection

We offer energy assessment, design, supply and installation of a range of energy collection systems

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Home Energy Considerations

Creating a carbon zero home takes careful planning and assessment. Architectural design principles are the first step on the journey. NatHERS home energy rating assesses home thermal comfort and expected heating and cooling. The building exterior envelope should have appropriate insulation, thermal mass, glazing and ventilation. Optimal shading that considers summer to winter solar access. Heating, cooling and expected home energy use then allow home energy systems design for solar electricity and hot water. Energy monitoring and energy bills provide the measure of success.

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Mythbusting Industry Terms

‘Carbon zero’, ‘carbon neutral’, ‘zero energy’, ‘zero emission’ or ‘net zero carbon’ homes generally have on-site renewable energy collection systems installed to supply the home’s demand for electricity and hot water. Sun energy is not always available, so a net approach is adopted to achieve net zero carbon. Excess home energy generated on sunny days can be offset against electricity grid supply in the evenings. Any net shortfall in on-site renewable energy can be offset by sourcing from an off-site accredited GreenPower® supplier. A NatHERS rating of at least 7 stars also helps reduce the need or size of offset supplies.

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