Summer Sun Shading in Sydney

Optigy supplies and installs a range of shading attachments to your home to provide sun control. Sun controlling shades allow the desired warmth from the sun during winter months while blocking the sun rays into your home in hot summer months. Using the sun’s natural heat is an efficient and cost effective way to heat your home in winter.

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Awnings and Pergolas

Window awnings block the sun’s harmful rays while allowing for air ventilation through open windows. Awnings and exterior blinds fit on the exterior of a window for summer shading.

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Horizontal Projections

We can measure your roof’s perimeter from the ground-up, construction plans, or inside your attic. If you require measurements for your awnings or window coverings, we can help.

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Exterior Work

We provide accurate and essential projections for your window covering, awnings, and outdoor pergolas. We also provide projections for exterior louvres and blinds.

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