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Optigy in Sydney offers NatHERS house energy rating services for assessing the star rating performance of planned new home designs, or alterations and additions. These designs must meet the minimum requirements of the National Construction Code. Optigy is accredited with the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA).

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Assessment Packages

Optigy can also assess existing homes and provide non-regulatory assessment recommendations, improving the thermal comfort and energy efficiency of the home in a cost effective manner.

  • NatHERS House energy ratings using approved version of FirstRate5 or AccuRate
  • BASIX Reports
  • Deemed-To-Satisfy (DTS) Reports
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Energy Efficiency Inspections

Optigy Building Exteriors can also be engaged to implement energy efficiency measures. A compliance certificate can be issued to the customer by Optigy, confirming that the designed energy efficient measures have been installed. Certification includes as-built reports on the materials, brands, grades and properties of products used to achieve the home’s energy rating.

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Additional Services

  • Inspection and documentation of floor type and any insulation
  • Wall, floor and ceiling insulation supply and installation in framed structures
  • Exterior Cladding supply and installation (brickwork, render and a range of lightweight claddings)
  • Window supply and installation &/or documentation
  • Window shading devices supply and installation (blinds, louvres, horizontal projections) &/or documentation
  • Cross ventilation compliance documentation
  • Roofing, roof insulation and roof ventilation supply and installation and documentation
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